What we do as a company

To be a major supporter of management and engineering infrastructure in Nigeria by providing superior customer service through innovation and commitment.

BTS Site Acquisition (SAQ)

- Landlord management, Legal Search, State/Local Government build permits/Community relations.

Site Build .

Civil, Electrical, Cooling Systems works

Infrastructure Upgrade works

Civil, Power, RF Installation of rectifier modules works.

DG (Diesel Generator)

Routine maintenance.

Onsite Power Source

Hybrid and Utility Power

Electrical Systems

Transformer, ATS and AVR

DC Power System

Rectifier and Battery Bank

Diesel Management

Monthly Cycle and quantity per site

Oil and Gas procurement and services

- drilling chemicals and fluids

- Heavy-duty equipment and services

Permits - Licences

NUPRC (DPR) - Equipment/Materials Services.


NCEC certification - Procurement and supply of equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Scope of Services

BTS Infrastructure (Passive Maintenance)

Cooling system

Routine Air Conditioner servicing.

Site Services

Janitorial and pest control.

Security Services

Guards Deployment access facilitation.